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Tips for Creating A Memorable Client Experience

June 13, 2019

Every summer when shooting season starts to slow down I love to take some time to sit down and give my business a little extra TLC that is so desperately deserves. One of the biggest tasks for me is to evaluate …

How can I create a memorable client experience?
Are there things that can be improved or added so I can better serve my clients?

If you find yourself asking the same questions and are looking for some inspiration to level-up your business and spoil clients to increase your word of mouth referrals than I have some exclusive tips just for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the exact strategies I implement in my business to keep clients extra happy and give them the best photography experience!

#1 Under Promise and Over Deliver
An easy way to impress clients is to set a low standard and wow them with unexpected results. There are a couple really easy ways to implement this in almost every aspect of your business.

Example: Tell clients that they will receive their photo gallery in four weeks but deliver it in only two weeks!

It’s little details like this that constantly remind clients how much you pay attention to detail and keeps them saying WOW!
#2 Answer Questions Before They Ask
The best thing you can do as a business owner that is looking to attract more clients is to create content that answers questions before they even realize it.Take a look at some of the questions you are asked the most by potential clients and next time someone inquires be prompt to address those questions before they have a chance to ask!This shows that you are the professional and assures the client you will walk them through this process and keep them at ease. 

#3 Make Things Personal Another one of my favorite methods of welcoming new clients or celebrating milestones is gift giving. Not only does sending a card or package in the mail surprise your clients but I like to send questionnaires to my clients and learn a little more about them so I can customize things exactly to their preferences. I’ll even include questions like … 

What is your go-to coffee shop order?
What kind of music do you and your boo love?
How would you describe your personality as a couple? 

When you start to invest into getting to know your couples you can take so many different actions to make things personal for their engagement session or any point in the client experience!

By taking a little extra planning you can really level up the experience you are able to offer to clients. Raving customers are the easiest form of advertisement for your business so don’t be afraid to start investing in your client experience today!

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