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A Bride’s Biggest Wedding Regret

July 27, 2018

Palm Springs based wedding filmmaker Love Laura Films

After many years of being in the wedding industry and serving countless brides I’m always curious to know what worked for each bride’s wedding and what was different than expected. I’m a big fan of feedback and getting to learn the different perspectives and qualities each couple has for their wedding day it very useful for me. At the end of the day I want to learn how to better educate and serve my clients! To my surprise I began to notice a pattern in things that brides wish they would have done and their biggest regret was not having a wedding videographer. Surprised? A little bit but not really.

I sat down with a lovely friend of mine and incredible wedding filmmaker Laura of Love Laura Films. We wanted to pick apart the main differences between hiring a photographer plus a videographer and share why both forms of visual storytelling are essential for preserving the most important day of your life!

Difference between Photography vs. Videography

L: There is something extremely special about having music paired with the visual story of your wedding day and seeing those two come together. You can see how the day unfolded and literally plays out in front of you. Getting to hear the laughs, all of your vows played over is a really important part of your wedding film.

B: I love how the photos capture each individual moment throughout the day but the film truly brings it to life. The two arts go in hand in hand and perfectly enhance one another so that you walk away with your entire wedding day story being told.

Overall, both arts are equally important and capture your wedding day in a different perspective. People forget that videography actually is necessary in order to capture all of the moments throughout your day in a cohesive format that brings photography to life. Unfortunately, most people view it as a luxury or don’t calculate it into their budget and brides don’t realize the importance of films until afterwards when they don’t have one.

Uncle Bobs iPhone vs. Professional Videographer

L: There is a drastic difference between pressing play and watching what happens versus a handcrafted film that is carefully crafted to go with the vibe and tell the story of your day. Even pairing music alone that reflects you makes a world of a difference and the creativity in telling your story is completely different to uncle bob filming pressing start and stop. A professional filmmaker is living in the moment with you and capturing all of the emotion you experienced and maybe even some of the moments you didn’t even realize were there.

B: It really does make a difference having a professional that isn’t looking from the outside in but is experiencing the day with you and capturing it in that special way. Finding a photographer and filmmaker that crafts a personal experience and authentically captures your emotions on such an important day is priceless.

What About an Engagement Film?

L: Your photographer and videographer are with you more than anyone else on your wedding day which means you want to book a professional that you trust and someone who understand you. Not only is it important to meet with these people beforehand but shooting with them is the practice round to your big day. Shooting not only your engagement photos with your photographer but bringing your videographer for an engagement film bring emails and an online friendship to life and builds a relationship before the wedding day. It’s so important to avoid stress of the unknown  in how to pose or what to do by doing an engagement film you get the warmup and build a personal connection with your team. Making the magic is an essential part to every great team!

B: I couldn’t agree more. I am a huge fan of shooting before the wedding day most importantly because I am not that type of photographer that just shows up on the biggest day of your life to get a check, snap some photos and then bounce. Building a connection and relationship is the key to incredible photos and doing engagement photos and films are the absolute perfect way to establishing trust and preparing yourself to be comfortable so you can let all of the emotion just flow on the day of the wedding.

How do You Find the Right Videographer?

L: Do your homework! It is so important to know their work and don’t assume that they will make your video exactly like you want it. Don’t just hire someone because they fit your budget but because you truly feel a connection with the art they create. Watch their films and see if you connect with them. Also, make sure to check that they still shooting weddings and look for current films on their website, Instagram or Youtube to see how their work consistently progresses. Look for client reviews to see what other people have said. Another important thing to look for is what do their colors and edits like? Are they bright and colorful or are there films darker and a little moodier? It’s important to remember that they probably won’t change their style to fit you so you have to find someone who’s work coordinates with your vision.

B: The hunt for the perfect photographer remains true for your videographer. Do your research and at the end of the day find someone who you feel makes your heart skip a beat and gets you excited to envision yourself on the big day!

Know What You’re Getting with Your Film Package

L: Every wedding day is different in timing and length but overall you need to weigh out what is most important to have captured for you. Generally 8 hours is plenty to tell the story from getting ready up until reception and you can count on that being a great amount of coverage. You should also look for a package that includes a teaser (30-60 second trailer) to receive as a sneak peak pretty soon after your wedding until your full film is perfected.

The full film can generally expected to be completed within 3-6 months which is an industry standard. You’ll also want to make sure a USB copy is provided and a digital link to download and share your film online. I would also say that a DVD or raw footage isn’t necessary. You can also see if your videographer offers an “Add On” of your full ceremony or full speeches. It’s also highly recommend to have 2 videographers capturing your day to get more angles to tell the whole story with a variety of angles and it’s double the special moments captured. For a quality and professional filmmaker you can expect to pay between $2-5k.

At the end of your day the photography and videography is the one tangible thing you get to keep from the wedding. Take it from us – it’s not only a special art but a privilege to capture so much joy and excitement and we hope you can look back on the memories for many years down the road.

To see more of Laura’s work you can follow her on Instagram!


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