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January 9, 2018

Words for 2018: CREATE + CULTIVATE

Looking back at two thousand and seventeen; I can’t help but stand in awe of the things that took place. It was a year of exponential growth that allowed me to discover my passion and learn more about who I am as an individual. Many life lessons I have learned were through experiences and last year I tried new and old things that have brought me where I am today. Overall, I established consistency and laid the foundation which has allowed me to pursue photography as a full-time entrepreneur which still shocks me to this day.

Looking ahead at the year to come I am excited to see many creative visions come to life and explore new adventures that the Lord will call me to achieve in and through this business He has gifted me with. After a year of defining my purpose and style of photography I have decided that in this next year I will invest in my time and client relationships with these two words:


My entire life I can always remember finding joy in creating beauty. Recently, it’s in photography that I can create imagery that speaks to not only my heart but in creating a reaction for others to enjoy my photographs. In this next year I want to boldly pursue the craft of creating emotion and a genuine connection within my photos. Even more importantly I wanted to do this by cultivating a relationship with the people in front of my lens. The experience that I get to create with “clients” is such a precious privilege and I want every single person to know their value and beauty and use my camera as a tool to show them love and how precious they are.

For me this is more than just a business or a career but I want to leave something more than just money, success or talent behind – it’s building a connection with others, giving more than you receive, showing love and gratitude – these are the things that I have the privilege and goal to execute in two thousand and eighteen.

To those who have been following my journey over the past 5 years or even just the past year: I thank you for your love, support and feedback that has pushed me to grow as an artist and business woman. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! If you are just stumbling upon this post now I hope you are ready for some fun because this new year will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF.

XO, Brianna

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