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Using Instagram to Book New Clients

November 15, 2017

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I think most of us are aware that we live in an overly saturated digital society with practically all knowledge at our fingertips. We check-in on Facebook where we are and who we’re with and we post hourly boomerangs on our Insta stories. But as rapid as we are to update the world on our personal lives how many of us actually use this tool to further our businesses? Within a matter of seconds we have the ability to market our services, products, talents and capabilities for FREE. Instagram alone has become a platform and foundation to more than triple my photography sessions within the last year alone and getting these clients to find me was not hard, it just takes time.

Oh snap, yes I said it. It takes time. I know it’s one of those things we all chase and feel that we don’t have enough of. At the end of the day it comes down to priority and how badly you want to work for it and ultimately increase your bookings. Whether you are a photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, real estate agent or a florist – maintaining a social presence and platform is beyond essential in our current society.

So we’ve established that yes you do need an Instagram account for your business – and yes it will take time. Okay, so what’s next? At the end of the day our main goal is to convert followers into customers so in order to do that here are three of the MOST IMPORTANT rules to follow by.

1. Share Relevant Content

The content you share should always have a direct correlation to your business in a new and fresh perspective. That means don’t post on what you are having for lunch or a cute picture of your newest puppy. Find content to share that shows your product or service in a different light and that gives a new meaning to what you do. For example, if you are a real estate agent you will want to share various images of the houses available on the market. But with your photos help the viewers to imagine themselves living there! Make it personal, show details and share relatable images.

Here’s a killer example of showing off details in a home: @casajoshuatree

2. Post and Engage Regularly

Maintaining a consistent online presence is what will build trust and a connection with both old and new followers. It is essential to establish this trust even more importantly, by engaging with comments and starting the conversation. If followers can trust you with an online presence then they will more easily become a client with a real life experience. One of my favorite resources to schedule my posts and stay on track is Planoly – they seriously make Instagram scheduling so much easier.

3. Utilize Your Hashtags

Okay – the hashtags. These are the most challenging, yet crucial part to getting discovered and bringing your dream client directly to your profile. While there are millions of hashtags that you can use we want to niche down to find tags that are client is using and what I have discovered to be most effective is using this formula: #location+career – EX. #palmspringsphotographer #palmspringsflorist #seattlehairstylist . Using this method is a direct way for clients to find you!

At the end of the day friend, Instagram can become an all-consuming monster. Don’t get caught up if you don’t get an inquiry within 24 hours. It takes time and patience but with these steps I can assure you that practice makes perfect.

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